If you’re planning to build your dream home in 2022, it’s time to begin planning. From research to building out your budget, there are a lot of moving parts required to bring your vision to life. A knowledgeable realtor in your area is a great place to start if this is your first time going through the process. If you’re seriously considering a new build for your next house, keep these things in mind.

  1. Where. Are you drawn toward privacy and acres of space or convenience and accessibility? Consider the resale value of the neighborhood. Will it increase or decrease in value? Is it close to schools and local businesses? Is it safe? When searching for a lot, these are important questions to ask yourself. Your realtor will have resources available that can guide you along the way, from selling your current home to finding a lot that checks off all the boxes.
  2. When. Living in the Midwest means there are certain weather factors to consider when building. Spring is the perfect time to begin your home build as it guarantees months of time for construction to work without snow or the ground freezing. Material costs can be higher due to the increase in demand this time of year though, so you will have to adjust your budget accordingly.
  3. Who. It takes an entire team to execute a new build. You will need to choose an architect, as this is the person who will take the lead on the project.They create the overall design of your home based on your needs + style, and will help you find trustworthy, capable professionals to help with the rest of the build. This includes plumbers, electricians, and your general contractor. If you’re not sure where to start when searching for an architect, reach out to your realtor for referrals.
  4. What + Why. These may be the most crucial steps when it comes to deciding if building a home is right for you. What are your looking for from your new home? A bigger yard, more space, a place to raise a family? Will this be your forever home? Why are you thinking of building rather than buying? You will need to take these things into consideration to determine how your new home will look – how many bedrooms, bathrooms, and living areas it will have. What does your budget allow? Can you meet the needs of your family with what you are able to spend?

By answering these questions, you will have a much clearer path in place as you look forward to building your future home sweet home. If you have questions about how to pursue a new build for your family, our trusted team of realtors is here to partner with you throughout the process.