That last summer sports game, the end to your annual family summer vacation, and possibly the itch to get back into routine; the beautiful summer months we’ve had the opportunity to enjoy are coming to an end, and you’re inevitably preparing for school to start again.

Our team made a list of a few important things they do at home to make the transition back to the school year as smooth as possible.

A couple of weeks leading up to the start of school, begin practicing the daily routine. One simple routine that we love includes:

  • Weekend – Prepare easy after-school snacks to have for the week ahead.
  • Evening – Pick out the outfit for the next day and make sure backpacks are packed and at the front door.
  • Morning – Get up at the same time and – quickly! – enjoy a simple breakfast together as a family as often as possible.


Our homes are definitely feeling “lived in” after the busy summer months! Can you relate? Now is the perfect time to clean bedrooms, go through closets and get rid of clothes that don’t fit, and look through toy bins and consider donating or storing those that aren’t used anymore. Creating an organized home with space reduces stress and allows for more seamless mornings when getting everyone ready for the day ahead.


Fall activities are just around the corner, and your family will likely have a new schedule. Consider displaying a calendar that the whole family can see that lists important events and activities. Discuss these dates with your children leading up to the events so that they are comfortable with and prepared for any adjustments to your routine.


Before school starts, be sure to carve out some family time at home. From a movie night to a picnic in your backyard, these simple moments at home are the perfect way to wind down from summer and enjoy some time together before we dive into the season ahead.