Summer is around the corner and planning an annual summertime vacation is likely at the top of many Minnesotans’ to-do lists. For a lot of people, vacation is synonymous with travelling somewhere far away from home, but summer is so beautiful in Minnesota, so instead of spending a lot of money on out-of-state travels, why not give a staycation a try? Planning a staycation isn’t hard, but you need to do some planning and be prepared to switch your mindset and think of your home as the perfect vacation spot! “The trick to enjoying a staycation is to deviate from daily routines and truly make it a vacation.  If you enjoy eating out on vacations, do the same on your staycation.  Don’t do the laundry or clean the garage, or other household projects.  Relax” (Forbes).

Ready to start planning your Southern MN Summer Staycation? Follow these steps and get ready for an at-home retreat:

Home = Hotel

This might be the most difficult part of a staycation: treating your home like a hotel. This means minimal cleaning (just pick up your daily mess!), no yard work, and putting off any other chores until vacation is over. Doing this gives you permission to relax and do everything you would do on an away-from-home vacation, i.e., read a book, watch a new show, lay in the sun.

Decide How Much to Spend

Creating a staycation budget allows you to indulge in new local activities without guilt. “…you want to spend much less than if you had gone out of town, but you don’t have to make it feel like you are on a budget” (Business Insider). It won’t feel like a vacation if you live on the same budget that you do every week at home, so save up money like you would for any vacation, but know that you are saving a lot of money by cutting out hotel/resort and travel expenses!

Plan Your Days

This is essential for staycations – you need to decide what you will do every day that will feel like a new adventure. Check these local resources to see upcoming events, plan a day trip to a new park, or visit a new golf course, museum, or restaurant:

Once you map out your staycation plan, be sure to fill in the gaps by filling your fridge with some of your favorite vacation foods, buy a new book, and get ready for a very special time at home!

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